Who are we?

Our company is Korean products importer.

We are CoductKoduct website which is under the name of iMarket (Thailand) co.ltd. We are distributor various kind of products for a long time. After a while, we intend to import products from Korea to Thailand. We are focus on sorting only perfect products, safe, high quality and giving satisfaction to every customers.

The main key for importing these products is our company have willing to help Thai people can reach to high quality products which is famous and acceptable by a lot of Korean people. These products that we import are popular brand name and top-seller in Korea. They accept these products and saying about quality and result that they received from consuming, whether it be skin care, hair care, food & drinks,  seasoning and more.


Our Partner

Our Services


Food and Drinks products

We provide Korean foods and snacks that give you the delicious taste and nutrients at the same time. Most of our food product are original and traditional food which are popular in Korea and a lot of foreigner also love these products.


The commodity that will help to nourish hair and scalp with gentlely and safely

Our hair care products are safely use for both kid and adult as it made from natural ingredients and unharm substances. These hair care products will give you the best result for sure.


High perfomance nourihing skin, safe and can be applied to any gender and age.

We proudly present our skin care products which is certainly free from harm with high performance to enrich your skin and give the best result to all gender and ages.